2020 Virtual Meetings

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All meetings are free of charge and open to GLLC members and anyone else with an interest in the Great Lakes region. Registration is required. Contact Lisa Janairo for more information.

September 11, Friday
9 am CDT / 10 am CDT

Assuring Access to Safe, Affordable Drinking Water

Four years after discovering that the children of Flint, Michigan, were being poisoned by lead in their drinking water, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is researching what the long-term health effects are on those children. Attendees will hear from Dr. Hanna-Attisha about her research and what the implications might be for state and provincial policies to assist children and their families. In addition, Elin Betanzo will share information on how states and provinces are acting on the lessons learned from Flint to develop policies and to make critical investments to assure that their citizens have access to clean, safe, affordable drinking water. This session will examine what more needs to be done to reduce the population’s exposure to lead in drinking water — and how GLLC members can help. 

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha
Elin Betanzo, Safe Water Engineering

Chair’s Report
Report from the Task Force on Lead

With gratitude to the Joyce Foundation

September 21, Monday
9 am CDT / 10 am EDT

Improving the Management of Nutrients in the Region

The GLLC first turned its attention to the problem of nutrient pollution in 2019 with the inaugural Patricia Birkholz Institute for Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Policy. The Caucus’s Task Force on Nutrient Management leads the organization’s efforts to reduce the incidence of polluted runoff that carries excess nutrients into the Great Lakes and other waterbodies. The task force will report on its progress to date during this session. Also featured will be a presentation on the binational progress that Canada and the U.S. are making to achieve the goals for nutrients established under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. 

Senator André Jacque, Wisconsin
Chair, GLLC Task Force on Nutrient Management
Santina Wortman, EPA Great Lakes National Program Office

Director’s Report
Selection of Birkholz Institute Topic for 2021

With gratitude to the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation

October 2, Friday
9 am CDT / 10 am EDT

Responding to the Contamination of Drinking Water with PFAS

Michigan is ground zero for the emerging issue of PFAS contamination, which now has been shown to affect all eight states and both provinces. This session will bring GLLC members up to speed on the potential and real harm caused by these “forever chemicals” and what the state of Michigan is doing to address the problem.  

Liesl Eichler Clark, Director of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

State and Provincial Roundtable

October 9, Friday
9 am CDT /10 am EDT

Building Resilient Communities, Coastal Priorities, and the Great Lakes Investment Platform

The GLLC welcomes the opportunity to work with other organizations in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River region to advanced shared priorities. This final installment of the GLLC’s 2020 Virtual Meetings will feature information on coastal resiliency, meeting the needs of Great Lakes municipalities, and the work of the region’s governors and premiers to promote environmentally sustainable economic growth.

Darren Nichols, Great Lakes Commission
Matt Doss and Eamonn Horan-Lunney, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative
Peter Johnson, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers

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